Corporate Functions & Events

Psychic and clairvoyance entertainment in Stockport

If you want to entertain your guests with a special psychic event, get in touch with us at Tarot on Top. We also serve customers in Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds.

Illuminate your guests with a special psychic event

Do you have a corporate or private event coming up where you’d like something a bit different for your guests? Or perhaps you want to raise money for charity? Psychic readings and spiritual counselling can be an attraction at such events. We can put on a full psychic show for you and your guests.


We have the skills and abilities to provide readings and information that can genuinely help people. We have worked with larger commercial organisations and have earned excellent feedback on our service. Would you like to arrange a small private group reading? Get in touch with us today. We also serve clients in Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds. Check out our tarot and mediumship page for more information.

If you need more information on our services,
call us on Derek 07913 732 310 / Lisa 07826 500 196.