About Derek & Lisa at Tarot On Top


If you are looking for effective spiritual guidance, look no further than Tarot on Top. With many years of experience, Derek and Lisa have earned an excellent reputation.


We also provide tarot card reading and training services. Contact us today to find out more.


All the work we do is private and confidential.

Tarot & Mediumship


The art of tarot reading has been around for centuries. Countless practitioners have demonstrated it with great success. You can now get a tarot card reading session done for you from the experts at Tarot on Top. You will be amazed to see your future revealed in front of you.


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Corporate Functions & Events


Do you have a corporate or private event coming up where you’d like something a bit different for your guests? Or perhaps you want to raise money for charity? Psychic readings and spiritual counselling can be an attraction at such events. We can put on a full psychic show for you and your guests.


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Life Coaching & Counselling


Coaching support to help you identify the changes you want and then start living them! I’ll walk with you throughout your journey of transformation and change, including any grieving that takes place when letting go of old habits, patterns of thinking, feeling or being.


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Healing & Reiki


Reiki is a generic word in Japan. It is used to describe any type of healing based on Universal life force energy, and has the basic meaning as the Chinese CHI and Sanskrit PRANA. Reiki is non-religious and can be accepted by anyone of any faith or creed.


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Foot Care


Here at For Foot’s Sake we care for your feet. Situated locally, the clinic offers pleasant surroundings to treat a wide range of foot problems. We provide routine treatments such as callous debridement, corn enucleation and nail cutting.


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If you need more information on our services,
call us on Derek 07913 732 310 / Lisa 07826 500 196.