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•    Stress-related ailments and pain reduction

•    Improving moods and emotional balancing

•    Self-esteem and mental clarity

•    Sleep problems

•    Dealing with trauma, grief or loss

•    Potentially improving immunity and living with chronic conditions


Besides being spiritual healing therapy specialists, we are tarot card reading experts as well. Call us or visit us today.


The cost of a Reiki or Spiritual Healing session is £20 per hour.

Effective Reiki and Spiritual Healing techniques for you

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You can sit back and relax with a wide choice of beverages.

Are you under a lot of pressure at work, or just worried about the purpose of the life you are leading? Get some respite from the constant worries with our excellent spiritual healing sessions here at Tarot on Top in Stockport. After our sessions, you could see a striking improvement in your mental health.


Our techniques have been tested and perfected over the years and are designed to relax both the body and mind. You can trust our healers to give you the relaxation experience that you are searching for, which is both private and confidential.

Reiki experts for a holistic healing session

At Tarot on Top, we also employ Reiki therapy techniques for holistic and intrinsic healing sessions. Lisa our practitioner is an expert in the healing science and can identify your mental and physical imbalances quickly. Once identified, our sessions can be known to slowly refresh your body and relax the mind, as well as realign the energy centres known as the Chakras.

Our spiritual therapy techniques could help you deal with:

For proven spiritual healing procedures including Reiki therapy sessions,

Call:  Lisa 07826 500 196

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