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•    Aiding the physical healing process

•    Increased body control

•    Improving creativity

•    Mental strength increase

•    Dealing with stress created through financial issues

•    Tackling relationship problems

•    Coping with issues of highly personal nature

Amazing Access Consciousness therapy sessions in Stockport

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Do you remember the last time you felt truly relaxed and at peace with yourself? For most people, access to those moments and the accompanying emotions are blocked due to stress accumulation. You can unlock those thoughts with access consciousness therapy sessions at Tarot on Top.


Our process is a very nurturing and relaxing process, conducted by revered spiritual healers. No matter the issues that prevent you from being free, we will help you relax your mind and open the pathway to happiness.

How Access Consciousness works

Access Consciousness is a non-invasive therapy, based solely on 72 points situated on the head.  Our therapists will ensure you are sitting comfortably before they begin the therapy. The process of Access Consciousness will help you disseminate energetic blockages that are preventing you from living your life to its full potential.  Get in touch with us for more information. All work is private and confidential.


Cost: £35 for an hour session.

We can help you with all types of emotional, mental and physical problems

Are you searching for Access Consciousness therapy from experienced spiritual healers? Call:  Lisa 07826 500 196

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